About Me

My name is Travis West,

            I am a husband, father, and a creator/artist. I create all the product I sell here on my website "ArtsbyTravis.com". I am located in the heartland of America right here in Wellington, Kansas. I learned to create art from many different sources and people, with a variety of art styles, that have lead me to the art styles I use. I started out painting palette knife and fluid art paintings and over time learned to airbrush to create my outer space and UV reactive paintings. I have since expanded my abilities to the laser engraver/cutter field which has allowed me to create unique wooden layered art as well as custom designed hats. When you buy from me, you are receiving a unique piece and supporting an independent artist, not a mass distributor that creates thousands of the exact same products.

My Offerings:

           Palette art painting is my favorite style to create since I have more control over creativity and how the painting looks. These paintings are created predominately with a palette knife, but can also include a variety of props to help create certain effects in the artwork. The paintings themselves can be very busy to quite calm depending on the effect wanted.

           Fluid art painting is the most fun to create, and the final result can be quite different than your expectations going in. Color choices as well as the order they are used in, is very important when creating fluid art since color mixing can create very different colors than intended. However when you get everything right the results are quite stunning.

          Outer Space painting allows a lot of creativity since the theme is based around an unlimited subject matter with very limited concrete variables. All my outer space paintings start with a base fluid art painting with a limited color pallet. I then utilize a variety of airbrushing techniques to create stars, planets, and other space based phenomenon to create the end result.

          Ultra Violet reactive painting utilizes special paints that react to the UV spectrum and glow when exposed to UV light. The fun thing about UV paintings is that you can have a very different looking piece of art depending on whether it's being lit by white light or UV light. This is why I put up two pictures of each painting to show the difference between each type of light. I create UV paintings in a few different ways depending on the desired end result. Most UV paintings are utilized around saltwater aquariums since the lighting of the aquarium brings out the glow. However you can get the same results using any UV light. 

         Wooden layered artwork is my newest style, created by utilizing design software and a laser to cut out the design. The design is then finished and assembled to create the end product. Most pieces are many layers requiring weeks of design work and days of preparation to create each piece.

         Custom Hats is something I am passionate about designing and offering for sale. I use my design software to create a unique design and then engrave the design onto leather patches that are then adhered to a baseball cap. I offer many colors and styles of hats that I can customize with any of my designed leather patches.